Huawei Matebook 14- Does it Offer Great Value for Money? 

Huawei Matebook 14- Does it Offer Great Value for Money

There have been mixed opinions regarding the new Huawei MateBook. Some claim its thin design makes it a laptop suitable for travel, while others say the lack of keyboard keys makes it unsuitable for typing long emails. The MateBook 14 has been around for a while, and the most recent 2021 model is also offered with the AMD Ryzen 5 5500U CPU. The version of the device has 512 GB of PCIe SSD storage, 16 GB of RAM, and a glossy 3:2 IPS screen. 

Positive aspects of Huawei Matebook 14 


We did not notice any modifications to the dark grey metal frame from the prior generations. This still implies that you receive high-quality goods, and there are clear benefits compared to comparable products in a similar price range. Even between more costly Huawei laptops like the MateBook X Pro and the more recent MateBook 14s, there isn’t much difference. Due to the thin bezels, the whole design appears quite contemporary while still having excellent stability. The bottom cover, held on by T5 screws, can be removed easily, giving you access to the wifi Module. 

Camera Quality 

This device has an ancient design because the webcam is located inside the keyboard, as opposed to more recent versions like the MateBook 14s, which have the webcam just above the screen. The 1 MP unit’s quality is poor, and the location’s distortions are apparent. In meetings, the viewpoint from below is also not very helpful. The method is undoubtedly excellent for privacy issues, though. 

Well-illuminated keyboard 

The Huawei MateBook 14’s black keyboard hasn’t altered either; it still has two-stage white lighting. Even when you’re not using the keyboard, there is an option for automatic deactivation that can be easily customised using Huawei’s PC Manager. The actual typing experience is still mediocre. Although the key travel is only a little over 1 mm, the keystrokes are accurate. Even if there are superior keyboards, the MateBook 14 may be used without restrictions for lengthy writing. The clickpad is simple to operate and motions with three to 4 fingers function flawlessly.


There are variations of the MateBook 14 with and without touch capabilities, but all have a 14-inch IPS screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Although the testing device lacks a touchscreen, the exterior is nonetheless sleek. It promises high resolution and excellent overall visual quality. 


The performance of the laptop is unaffected by Huawei’s PC Manager’s additional Performance mode. Only the optimum fan speed when under load is increased, which was also true for the prior generation. ‘Windows Setting Best Performance’ and the ‘Balanced Mode’ were used for the following benchmark tests and measurements. Under constant workloads, the performance of the CPU is fully consistent. The multi-core efficiency is around 10% less since the CPU’s maximum battery power consumption is 30W. 



Its weight would be its only flaw. This is by far the heaviest laptop, with a 1.49kg weight. That makes it more than 50% bulkier than its rivals. Lenovo Slim 7i Carbon and The ZenBook 14 Ultralight are just two examples of notebooks with magnesium alloy bodies that weigh less than one kilogramme and feel significantly lighter in the hands. Fortunately, this is a bright aspect: the Huawei MateBook 14 seems quite well constructed. 

No port 

It lacks Thunderbolt 3, and 4 ports are absent. This implies that external GPUs, dock, and quick Thunderbolt external drives, are not supported. If you want to use USB-C peripherals with the notebook, a dongle or hub of some kind will be needed because the USB-C port must serve as a charging port. Another significant flaw is that wifi six is not supported. 

The Bottom Line 

The MateBook 14 is still a nice subnotebook in its current 2021 incarnation, but there aren’t any significant improvements. The AMD version also has several features that make it seem a little archaic, and although with the same cooling, the new U-series CPU’s performance is worse than the 2020 MateBook 14. 

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