Google Pixel has been on the processor for years. According to a leak, miracles are about to happen

The Google Pixel is the perfect Android phone for many. Seven years of updates, “pure” Android, good cameras, and enough hardware for everyday life. This last point is perhaps the most problematic: that hardware alone is sufficient.

For some time now, the production of Google Tensor has been in the hands of Samsung. Compared to TSMC, Exynos or Tensors have nothing to do, with significant differences in performance compared to competitors made by Qualcomm and MediaTek (needless to say, they are also behind Apple and its Bionic chips). That’s about to change: the next-generation Pixel is slated to arrive from TSMC.

The Google Tensor G5 will not be produced by Samsung, but by TSMC, From Android Authority. American media claim they have access to a document revealing that the G5 will be the work of the Taiwanese giant, excluding a collaboration with Samsung.

If what was promised in the document that authorities claim to have access to is fulfilled, we will be facing the most relevant leap in Google’s Pixel-making history.

Although Tensors have improved over time, they have always been about two generations behind TSMC according to synthetic tests. In fact, the Tensor G3 that we tested on the Google Pixel 8 performed equally well with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

I've been testing the Google Pixel 8 for three months and it's the best Android experience I've had in a long time.

The key here will be whether Google wants to collaborate with TSMC to create a high-end chip or, if for cost savings, they will put a chip on the table that is more oriented towards the mid-high range. Their results will depend on the ambition of this plan. We will have to wait for the Google Pixel 9 to finally know if the processor is made by TSMC.

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