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Get Backlinks

Get Backlinks
Get Backlinks

There are a lot of ways to get backlinks. But if you are looking for the best way to get approved backlinks for No-Follow then you should follow this article.

Steps to Get lots of Backlinks

  1. Select the keyword of your niche
  2. Search for Google and type your keyword press enter
  3. now go to the tools section
  4. select past year instead of anytime
  5. now go for search again
  6. this will give the current website to get a backlink
  7. now type this type of the link from any of the showing website:
  8. <a href=””>Bdtechsupport</a>
  9. replace your site instead of
  10. Then type name and email
  11. Copy and Paste your website in the website section.

Youtube Turial Guide Get Powerful Backlinks

Watch this video to know more.

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