Galaxy’s excellent call translation is limited to the phone app – that will change soon

Live Translate is one of the most interesting new features of Galaxy AI. We are talking about a function powered by artificial intelligence that works Interpreter for phone calls So that we can communicate with people who speak a language different from ours. The translation is done in real time with artificial voice, so its use is quite transparent and easy.

Of course, the instant translation that the South Korean company offers us can be very useful, for example, when traveling. Now, it has one fairly important limitation: it can only be used via the Phone app on some devices in the Galaxy family. Therefore, the benefits of Live Translate are limited to the calls we make or receive through our operator.

Samsung will extend Live Translate to third-party apps

Samsung announced this week that Live Translation will also be available in third-party apps. the news Published by Won-jun Choi From the research and development office of the firm. The executive did not provide an exact date for the committed deployment, but called the move “exciting” and added that “Soon” will be implemented.

Our colleagues from BDtechsupport Móvil Had a chance to try live translation And they concluded that it is a very useful tool. Starting from these places, we will find new ways to take advantage of it when it is finally available outside of the phone application on Galaxy devices, for example, with WhatsApp, Zoom or Google Meet voice calls.

Call Assist2
Call Assist2

It should be noted that Choi didn’t say how it would work with live translation Third party applications. We don’t know if the system will be responsible for offering a direct translation function to all applications with voice functions or if we will find a list of compatible applications. We also don’t know if the update will reach all devices that currently support Live Translate.

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According to the manufacturer’s page, Galaxy AI automatic translation works with One UI 6.1 on Galaxy S24, S23, S23 FE, S22, Z Fold5, Z Fold4, Z Flip5, Z Flip4 and Galaxy Tab S9 5G and Tab S8 5G. We will have to wait for more details of the announcement, but we cannot deny that the possibility of using such an interesting function with other applications is very good news.

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