‘Circle to Search’ is a star function of Android. It is this great Google alternative for iPhone

‘Circle to Search’, the new Google function that allows us to search for anything that appears in it our screen In a few steps, Expanded to new devices. It debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S24 this year, but is now available on a variety of Android smartphones.

Due to the restrictions of Apple’s operating system, this innovation could not be implemented in iOS. Google doesn’t have the freedom to implement features in its apps. however, How 9to5Google collectsThe company has come up with a very attractive option for iPhone users.


Alternative to ‘Circle to Search’

Using ‘Surround to Search’ on Android is very easy. We can turn on this function by long pressing the home button or navigation bar. The next step is to circle what we want to find and that’s it. Alternatives for iPhone, however, can work with Action button or back tap option.

Atazo Google Lens iPhone
Atazo Google Lens iPhone

Atajo “Search Your Screenshots”

The trick is that the shortcut application enters the scene, which is responsible for taking a screenshot and sending it to Google Lens so that we can define the area of ​​​​the image of our interest to start searching later. There are two ways to enable this option, but which one to choose will depend on your iPhone model.

If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or higher, you’ll have to opt for this route action button. If you have an iPhone 8 or later with the latest version of iOS, you should choose the path Back tap (back touch or ring back).

Steps to follow on an iPhone with an action button

Steps to follow on an iPhone with back tap

Google Lens iPhone
Google Lens iPhone

Search for “Search Your Screenshots” from the iPhone Photos app

The next step is to start using this great option. Just press and hold the action button or double or triple tap on the back of the iPhone Run the shortcut “Search your screenshots”. Then select the capture area of ​​interest to view the search results.

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It should be noted that Google Lens allows you to highlight captured text and even translate it into different languages. As we can see, this option does not have the ability to select elements with a circle, but it provides an experience similar to the ‘circle to search’ available on Android devices.

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