Reviews with features, price and specifications

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Nothing has proven to set itself apart when it comes to wireless headphones. Just when it seemed like they were all AirPods copies, the young company brought us the Nothing Ears (1), better known as transparent headphones. This is their third generation and they bring a subtle change to the name that shows their relevance. … Read more

Which one to buy? Tips and recommendations

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Although the demand for watching movies and series at home has increased since the arrival of streaming platforms, sporting events continue to be a great attraction for sitting in front of the television for as many hours as needed. It is true that sports are played all year round, but this summer there is a … Read more

Hallucinogenic poison of a toad

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We don’t know of any substance that cures illnesses like depression or anxiety. However, in recent years, experts have found substances that can help us in these processes in an unexpected place: psychedelic drugs. The last to join would be the poison secreted by an American species of toad. Toad poison. A group of American … Read more

See how it affects biodiversity

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he Chernobyl accident It was a tragic event in history. On April 26, 1986, reactor number four of the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant exploded during a nuclear test. After the accident, an exclusion zone of 4,700 square kilometers was created which today, 38 years later, is a place full of biodiversity and an … Read more

Ozempic has already revolutionized the fight against overweight. Now he is undergoing treatment for cardiovascular disease

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“Biggest Medical Advance Since Statins.” that, said at the European Obesity Congress, big words. After all, statins are one of the central tools in the modern medical fight against cardiovascular disease. Let us remember that diseases are the biggest cause of death in the world. I mean, it sounded amazing before I found out they … Read more

There’s a new king of folding phones. That has overtaken Samsung and doesn’t stop growing

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Huawei is having a spectacular 2024. After breaking revenue records and positioning itself as the first smartphone company in its country, the company’s new milestone is to dislodge Samsung from a throne that seemed immovable (although there were already signs that it might fall): foldable phones. Shipments of both Huawei and Honor increased significantly in … Read more

Apple has announced new accessibility features for iPhone and iPad. There is one that even reduces motion sickness when we drive.

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Apple announced in its online press room a new range of accessibility features coming to iOS and iPadOS a few weeks ahead of WWDC 2024. These are features designed to help iPhone and iPad users better interact with their devices. They will arrive “later this year”. Because it’s important. Improving accessibility is crucial to make … Read more