Aim to be more expensive than the Pro Max model

The iPhone 15, in its various models, has been with us for eight months. If Apple follows tradition, in September This year we should know the future iPhone 16. But rumors are already talking about a 2025 launch.

The information suggests that the Cupertino company is working on an ultra-thin iPhone that could cost more than the current most expensive model, the iPhone Pro Max. Data comes from three sources “with direct knowledge of the project.”

A thinner (but more expensive) iPhone

Reputable business publications suggest that the appearance of this new model could mean a Design changes As significant for the iPhone as the one presented by the iPhone X 2017. The key will be thinner, a feature consistent with the new iPad Pro.

A source said that the new premium iPhone could come with an aluminum chassis. On the front layer, we see a smaller pill-shaped cutout than the one we get on current models. The screen will be between 6.12 and 6.69 inches.


On the photographic level, the rear cameras can be located horizontally on the top central part of the phone. If we talk about power, the terminal will boast a new chip Probably called A19. The arrival of this equipment means changes to the catalog. Let’s see.

If the ultra-thin premium model is the same as the iPhone 17, according to sources, Apple may not have five models. The company will reorganize its catalog with the possible exclusion of the Plus model. A renewed budget iPhone SE appeared on the scene.

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We will have to wait to know what actually happens. Let’s remember that Apple is a very hermetic company in terms of progress. This means, outside of rumors, we won’t know the official details of the terminal until the 2025 iPhone keynote.

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