According to OCU, we already know which is the best chocolate in Spain. Now is the time to know when it is best to eat it according to science

For months, the “cocoa crisis” and the possibility of rising prices have been the two things that have worried chocolate lovers the most. Above all, because the price of a ton of cocoa has never been higher.

Therefore, the question of which is the best chocolate in terms of quality/price is more important than ever. Fortunately, OCU investigated this.

Best dark chocolate (relative to quality/price). OCU Dark chocolate tested 18 times with a minimum cocoa content of 70%. The objective was to evaluate the quality of the product, but also to estimate its quality-price ratio.

The Three best positioned tablets Alipende with 81 points out of 100 was 75% cacao (Ahorramas); 72% cacao in El Corte Ingles with 81 out of 100; And, finally, use 72% Cacao with 80 out of 100. El Corte Inglés was the cheapest of the three at the time of study.

What doctors are really asking is to eliminate all the crap we talk about food from your diet

Is it better to drink dark chocolate? In principle, in the context of a balanced diet, consuming dark chocolate in moderation is a highly recommended option. Not only is it lower in sugar than other types of chocolate, but alsoRich in antioxidants (eg flavonoids and polyphenols) and provide important minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium or potassium.

The problem usually lies in when to take it.. Because a quick search on the internet is enough to verify that there is a heated debate on the matter. And, although all sides have arguments, it is very difficult to know who is right.

Although some argue that drinking dark chocolate at night is This is a good option (because it contains magnesium and it “rests well, sleeps without interruption and regulates body temperature”); Others maintain that chocolate It contains caffeine (up to seven milligrams per serving) and theobromine, another stimulant.

Others say that dark chocolate contains sugar Also interferes with sleep; As others point out The same is true for other types of chocolate.But the black one has so little sugar that it doesn’t affect them.

So what do we do? The problem with all these articles is the same as always: it is very difficult to give general and individualized indications in nutrition and dietetics. Because yes, if we don’t have insomnia and have a balanced diet, eating a little dark chocolate before going to bed shouldn’t be a problem.

It is not a panacea, but it provides some elemental contribution that we sometimes neglect and many people prefer to take it after a long day of work.

However, it is true that our ability to socialize and relax changes over time and there are situations where eating chocolate can contribute to making our rest worse. In that sense, consumer habit formation is a problem: removing the product may be good for us on the one hand, but it may cause inconvenience on the other.

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