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SEO guide for beginners – Everything a Beginner Needs to Know Best 2021


SEO guide for beginners- Everything a Beginner Needs to Know

What is SEO? Well, let us quickly cover this point! SEO is short for search engine optimization.

This optimization ensures that a website or a webpage has the best chances to be recognized by the search engine and liked by the audience. In short, if you want to see your page or site on the top of SERPs, then you have to focus on search engine optimization. 

Are you still thinking that why do you need SEO? Well, do you want to see your page on the third or fourth page of the search results? No! well, that’s your answer right there.

The higher your website position would be, the better your business and acceptance by the traffic. Everyday hundreds of new websites and pages are pouring in. If you want to stay in the competition, you have to ensure that you focus on different SEO aspects. 

Here we have listed some important tips related to search engine optimization that would come in handy if you have just started your journey.

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Basic SEO guide for beginners Tips!

Here are some of the important SEO tips that you should consider while fixing SEO!

Write Longer Posts

Longer posts might be boring to you, but they are considered the best fuel for search engine optimization. The lengthy the content would be, the better it would be for you to optimize it.

Longer content is more powerful in the search engine’s eyes because it has more targeted keywords along with the element of engagement. The longer the post would be, the better the engagement rate would be, but you have to make the content much more interesting. 

Longer posts are also important for gaining dwell time. The dwell-time is the time that a user takes to return the SERPs. The more you engage the user on your site, the better would be your position.

Fresh Content

When you strive for a better seo approach, you have to make sure that you are developing fresh content, whether it be textual or image-based. You have to save your website from the impression and accusation of plagiarism.

Today you can only save yourself from the accusation of plagiarism if you are using a reputed copyright checker tool. The plagiarism checker by is a good example of reliable screening websites. 

Experts recommend that the use of a plagiarism detector is extremely important. If you ignore the use of a plagiarism checker tool, you are simply risking your site to be accused of having duplicate content.

If you use an accurate online plagiarism detector tool, you can easily detect deliberate and traces of unintentional plagiarism. 

Use the right keywords!

Choosing the perfect keywords is the key to success in SEO. Keywords are all about targeting a set of audience. These are the words and phrases used by the traffic to find answers for certain queries.

You can cash these words and use them in your content so that the traffic lands directly on your page. The important thing that you have to consider is to use the keywords that are relevant to your niche and are also having a high search density. Several tools on the internet can help you find out the best keywords for your content. 

We would suggest using these keywords in your content body and the meta title, page description, headers, subheadings, and even in image captions.

Optimize the structure of your content!

Writing content in the highest quality is undoubtedly important, but it surely isn’t enough for seo. If you want to optimize your content to its fullest potential, you have to focus on its structure.

You must always add headings, subheadings, a proper title to your content. You also have to add bulleted lists if you want to add more value to your content. Your content should be well-arranged and must have clarity.

You have to also focus on optimizing the URLs used in your content. Always use short URL links as they add to the simplicity of your site. 

Add quality backlinks to your content!

Backlinks are one of the major deciding factors considered by the search engine to rank a website on the top of SERPs. A backlink is a contextual link generated when a site mentions another fellow website by linking their page to them.

While creating backlinks for your website or page, you have to focus on the relevancy part. If both websites/links are not having relevancy of any sort, you have to make sure that you avoid these kinds of links as they can take your site down. Always ensure that you are linking with credible and high-authority websites. 

If you focus on these tips, you can easily get to the top shelves in less than a few days. Just make sure that the content you create is of good quality and free of plagiarism.

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