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New Update Fortnite v11.31 Patch Notes 2019

New Update Fortnite update v11.31 Patch Notes news 2019

New Update Fortnite
New Update Fortnite

In the winter event of Winterfest fortnite for New Update Fortnite, there a lot of fun it has. A huge change in this game of fortnite. From the source of Forbes, There is a lot of changes in the fortnite Winterfest 2019 version. It’s really cool to play this game. We have not enough time to enjoy this new produced lightsaber fortnite version. In the new version, there are both fortnite lightsaber and latest fortnite Winterfest.
There are a discovered  tie fighter crash sites in the fortnite star wars challenges. To raise your banner to capture tie fighter crash sites in the kylo ren fortnite for lightsaber locations fortnite.

how to get lightsabers in fortnite?

You may get it from Playstore 4 from amazon. Try to look on Amazon and get it.
According to Forbes, In the new version, it has HypeX, there found some images on the  Winterfest Challenge lobby menu. Besides, The Epic has already deleted from the text areas. The new text is “Get ready for seasonal fun, challenges and free presents. Starts December 17” in the fortnite game.

New Update Fortnite
New Update Fortnite

WIth your kind information, the Fortnite Winterfest Challenge event will be started soon. Fortnite Winterfest Challenge Hasn’t started in the time.  the event will be started soon.  who think that diamond will be started tomorrow.  when it starts update it will be a very enjoyable moment for all.
Fortnite data miners like HypeX, Sarda new images, and videos from the game menu is now been changed by the winter cabin.
The new movie has now been converted with so much animation with the new round play like a nutcracker and the roaring fireplace.

Youtube Trailers of new update fortnite



What changes in new update fortnite?

  • It has a new stoke a Campfire.
  • there is a total of five eliminations with an Unvaulted Weapon in a new slot.
  • New Search Holiday Stockings into the Winterfest Cabin in fortnite.
  • One new deal damage with a Lump of Coal for the opponent.
  • Destroy a Sneaky Snowman.
  • There is a total of 2 hides inside a Sneaky Snowman in different matches for the new gameplay.
  • Thre are five different Locations Dance floor at Holiday trees.
  • There is a search for a chest within 60 seconds.
  • Two Ice Boxes.
  • Form two sources for searching Ammo Boxes at The Workshop.
  • Use two types of Presents.
  • In the Winterfest Cabin, there is a warm yourself by the fireplace for the fortnite game.
  • Open one Frozen Loot.

The lightsabers in fortnite in the new update are really cool. The raise banner to capture tie fighter and 2fa enable are attractive to watch. In the new fortnite Winterfest 2019 and kylo, ren skin fortnite are really enjoyable to play.  In the lightsaber fortnite location, there is an interesting place to watch.

The Bottom Line

The fortnite kylo ren skin is too attractive where are the lightsabers in fortnite in the fortnite tie fighter crash sites found.


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New Update Fortnite

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