3 Best Android Tips And Tricks 2019 to use the android phone:

               Most of us use Android smartphones. That is why we have to know some tricks to use it perfectly. As we know, there are so many developers’ apps. But, we can use it to follow some tricks. Those are given below:

      1.  Use of fingers:

 It’s an important trick to use your phone. Place one finger down from the very top of the Android phone to go to some settings and notifications. To go to More Settings and options try to swipe two fingers on the phone’s screen. 

     2.  Use of the “Ok Google” feature:

                There is another important trick to know. It is the use of the “Ok Google” feature. It is highly recommended to the Android user to use it easy, fast and convenient. Just you have to enable from the Google app from within your Google folder and then you have to tap on the top left Options tab and go to Settings, tap Voice and then enable “OK Google” to use it. After that, you just have to command your phone. Say “Ok Google” and command anything you want to do. IT’s really an amazing feature of Google. 

     3.  Use of power and volume-down buttons :

                It’s another trick of android phone. If you want to take a screenshot that is important to capture then press power and volume-down buttons at the same time. Then, the phone’s screen will flash and make a shutter sound from your phone’s camera, and the image is saved in the phone’s gallery. But, some devices do not support it as well as Samsung devices. For this reason, let you slide the side of your hand to quickly screen capture to save it in the gallery.   

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The Bottom Line

By using these tips, you can be benefited. So, use those tips and support us. 

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