How I can use the Google Translate app to translate offline – 2019

google translate offline
google translate offline

Google Translate will now work offline

The benefits of the Google Translate app cannot be overstated. But it also has a disadvantage. And that is, it requires an internet connection to work. But after the recent update, one would say that using Google Translate would require an internet connection. Yes, Google Translate will now work without an Internet connection.
The new version of Google Translate with offline support features will work on Android 2.0 Gingerbread or above.

How do I use Google translate?

However, you will need to download the full dictionary of that language in order to get offline access. And you can imagine how much space it takes to download all the words in a language. Google Translate Offline will only replace about 20 MB of “internal storage” offline if English and German are offline.

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Also, offline translate mode can only translate text. If you need to translate from voice or picture, you will need an internet connection as before. However, our opinion is that you should only use the online version without wasting 25 MB of internal storage. Because, every time translating a text does not cost too much data, the Internet package. Moreover, the cost of using a smartphone is much less than the cost of such an Internet package, at least 5 GB is affordable.

 How to use it offline?

Follow the procedure.

google translate offline
google translate offline

1. Install
2. Go to option (3 lines on the top of the app)
3. Go to offline translation
4. Then download whatever you want to download.

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Download from direct link:

google translate offline

Or From Play Store: Click here

Do you use Google Translate offline?

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