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Ridmik keyboard review:

If you do need to write Bengali Ridmik Keyboard Android phones. Various sites, Facebook, blogs the Bengali language, where does it take to write, Ridmik Keyboard can be used in the Bengali language. Most of the fonts for the Android phones a keyboard layout is given.

Ridmik Keyboard details:

Ridmik Keyboard approximately 5 megabytes, is the phonetic keyboard layout and Unijoy, a variety of keyboard designs. Scan the QR code that can be downloaded Ridmik keyboard. Install it, go to the phone's Settings Language press the checkbox next to the keyboard, the keyboard will Ridmik setting. Hence, the device can be seen Ridmik keyboard. Simply place a text box, press the menu when the input method is actually to go there. Later, Ridmik Keyboard to be selected! The keyboard will be given in English. Therefore, the layout will be changed.


1. Can be easily written in Bengali.
2. The size is pretty good
3. Screen better
4. It is not slow.


Have to change the layout.

The Bottom Link

It's easy to use. You can download it from the below links.

Download from PlayStore: Click here

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