Keyboard shortcuts windows 10

keyboard shortcuts windows 10

If you are a windows 10 user then you show know about keyboard shortcuts for windows 10. If you use a computer then you must have to know shortcuts of the keyboard for better, reliable and fast use. Those shortcuts will help you to reduce your repetitive strain and time as well.  
So, you must have to know those shortcuts and memorize those for better work. So, let’s discuss keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + X
Ctrl + C will copy the text in a quick way. Ctrl + X will cut the selected text if you want to remove from anywhere.

Ctrl + V

Ctrl + V will paste the text or anything. So, make sure that you are in the right place then use this shortcut.

Ctrl + Home

Ctrl + Home will help you to move the cursor to the starting of the file, and Ctrl + End will move the cursor to the finish of a file.

Ctrl + F

If you want to find anything in any program then just press Ctrl + F then write something in the desired place and type your desired word and take the words from the whole page.

Alt + Tab

If you want to switch your program to the computer then you have to press
 Alt + Tab for faster going. It will help you an easy and smooth way to change a program. If you press Ctrl + Tab then it will help you to switch between tabs in a program.

 Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y

In the keyboard, if you press Ctrl + Z then it will give back your previous deleted data and if you press Ctrl + Y then it will give you redo from which you can go forward to take forward data.  
Ctrl + Backspace

To press Ctrl + Backspace, it will delete whole words at a single time.To hold the Ctrl key and then press arrows from the keyboard will help you to move courses.

Page Up and Page Down

To press page up and down keys will help you to move your courses from one place to another place.

Ctrl + S

It’s really important because if you don’t want to lose any document or anything then you must use this shortcut. It will help you to save any file in a program.

Ctrl + P

If you want to print anything from any file then you have to press Ctrl + P to work faster.

The Bottom Line

So, use those keyboards shortcuts for a better use. I know this will help you to work fast. So, enjoy!

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