How to crack phone password without losing data

how to crack phone password without losing data

Almost all use Android, but the problem is sometimes forgotten to lock. No one does evil or lock. We forget Pattern Lock due solution the access device is not going to be able to do. What do you do in this case? There solutions to for this:

Internet Connection:

Internet Connection must have on your phone. Pattern assumes at least 5 times you have to. Then, an option can be seen, "Forgot Pattern"? Click it. After clicking, Google account and ask for the password. Exact I would like to do. G-mail When you log in to the new Pattern lock will be asked to pay. If you were right. No.

Without Internet Connection:

As a result of the wrong pattern, and a lot of times you do not need when small children or friends The device can also be closed Maybe. At this time, the device factory restore is out, how do a hard reset the system? For this reason, Not enough to charge your device You must have reserves. So, the process during the set-off does not become. Now, turn on the device and to close time volume up & Down + power Press the button to set up On the tragic.Recovery Mode In addition to the variety of methods more companies in combination these may include:

1. Volume Down + Volume Up + Power button.
2. Volume Down + Power button.
3. Volume Up + Power button.
4. Volume Up + Home + Power button.
5. Volume Up + Camera button.
6. Home + Camera button.
7. Home + Power button

Then, "Wipe Data / Factory Reset" Select tragic, the volume Up / Down key selection to be done. 'Yes', please select.To select Power button/home button that works can do.
Finally, set the reboot.
We have to wait a bit.
Then, finish work.

The Bottom Line

I think, now you can enjoy your phone again. So, enjoy your phone.

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