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Create android app without coding

Create android app without coding

Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to make an app without any knowledge of coding. You can make an App without knowing to code. It’s easy to make and you have to follow something for making an Android app. At first, you have to go to the site which is named It’s a website for making app free. So, in this site, you have to just register and after registering then log in. And after login, you have to to create a new project or you have to just import any Aia project file from any source.

How to get Aia file? What is the procedures to create app? 

You can get a project file from my site also. So, I will show you how you make it easy and I will give you a file in this article. you have to just implement it on this site. After implementing, you have to edit the blog section part from the right side of the website and from the blog section part you can make something if you want. But, I think that you don’t want to change anything from the blog part section. You have to just change from the designer part. From designer part, you can change the layout, for example, you can change the color, the button color, text label, text or you can add any level, button in this site easily. So, use it as you want. I will give you another tutorial for making an app without coding. If you have faced any problem then you can comment on this article. If I know about your problem I will show you the solution. Now, in this article, I will give you an aia file named Battery Manager. It’s easy aia for making an android app without coding for the first time.

 A Battery manager app is a highly configured app which is made by thinkable or modular. This app contains aia file which is totally free to download. You can make an app by importing in modular and change something as you want. This aia file has a nice lucrative logo. You must change the logo as well as the design. You will find in this aia file including battery level, temperature, battery health, voltage, etc. This aia file has a charging effect that is rotating when charging. The data on battery level, temperature, battery health, voltage changes automatically while changing. This aia file has only one screen which is easy to change by importing in kodular. This aia file has a fitted screen in all devices. It’s a highly configured aia. You can make some change of it and add something if you want.

 Key features:

1. Well designed
2. Splash screen
3. Lucrative logo
4. battery level, temperature, battery health, voltage etc.
5. Charging level is rotating while charging.
6. Automatically changes the data of battery level, temperature, battery health, voltage etc.

Download files:

Download Apk: Click here
Download Aia file: Click here

The Bottom Line

 The battery manager aia file is a highly designed file. You can import it on kodular and do some change it and enjoy it.

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